First I would like to apologize for not updating in a while but it seemed like there was nothing to write about and  now as I sit here ready to write this I realize I have so much to say, so prepare yourself for a long but fascinating telling of my life in the past few weeks.

On November 12 Dominique, Andrew, and I went into London and saw Wicked the musical. I have never been to a musical before and was honestly kind of skeptical about going. I didn’t even really know what it was about or how the whole night was going to play out. I will now admit that all these feelings were foolish, it was an amazing thing to see. It was such a good play and I am so glad that for my first musical I was able to experience it in London.

On November 18 a few of us went to Clacton-on-Sea, which is a town about 45 mins away from us by bus. Amanda, Kourtney (she lives upstairs), and I went to a tattoo convention. I have never been to a tattoo convention so I didn’t really know what to expect when we got there. However, I thought it would be like a fair with a bunch wild and crazy stuff, it wasn’t. It took place inside of a building outside of town, and there were about 50 booths set up representing all different tattoo shops and artists. The artistry that was represented there was outstanding. As you walked through the aisles there was someone getting a tattoo in almost every booth. No I did not get a tattoo while I was there, but Kourtney did and it turned out great. After spending a few hours there we went back into town and went to the seaside. Luckily for us the sun was setting so the view was even more beautiful. We spent a few more hours just walking along the beach, taking pictures, and playing a few games at the arcade located on the pier.

Tuesday the 20th was a big day for us. We decided to celebrate Thanksgiving on Tuesday because a few of us would not be “home” on Thursday. My flat nominated me to make the turkeys and do most of the cooking, I love to cook so this was ok with me. Niki and I buttered and seasoned the turkeys in the morning and put them in the oven to bake. Throughout the day we all pitched in with helping cooking items. We snapped and washed fresh green beans, peeled potatoes, made apple pie filling, and basted the turkeys as a family. around six o’clock the real cooking began. The turkeys finished getting crisp, Jeremy started his mashed potatoes, Niki made green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. With all of that we also had dinner rolls,croissants, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, and an attempted stuffing. For dessert we had pumpkin and apple pie along with vanilla ice cream and whip cream. We invited the Americans from flat five to come down and join our flat in our celebration so there ended up being 16 people at dinner and George and Shane ate when they got off work. My flat did all the cooking and flat five only had to being the drinks,which turned out great. We had cheese and wine to start the night off at 7, had the ceremonial cutting of the turkey, done by yours truly, then started eating. As soon as everyone had gotten a plate of food we decided to go around the table and say what we were thankful for. The things that were said were very nice and almost all pertained to how glad that person was that they had this great experience and got to meet all of the great people they are sharing the night with, some people even cried. Jeremy, Gladys, and Evelyn said it was a great first thanksgiving and they were glad that we decided to share the day with them. Even though I was not able to be home with my family for this day I was thankful that I got to celebrate it with my flat family here, this night is one that will never be forgotten.

Stay tuned for my Paris trip and other fun things.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –  Maya Angelou